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IsraeLinks is a unique program offering deep and meaningful exploration of our Jewish heritage — Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow.

Extensive guided tours of the country will be accompanied by stimulating lectures and discussions. Participants will get to have a first-hand discovery of the social, religious, and political composition of the Holy Land.

IsraeLinks will provide participants with state-of-the-art tour buses, comfortable lodgings, delicious daily meals (including Shabbat), experienced English-speaking tour guides, fully paid entrance fees, and many extras which will make this once-in-a-lifetime trip to Israel cherished and memorable.

Living Links

The Chabad on Campus Poland trip is a seven-day educational student trip to Poland. The trips promise to be a journey through the history of our people, connecting past, present and future.

An exploration of the tribulations in exile, focusing on the Holocaust experience in Poland, we will explore the the importance of a strong Jewish presence in Israel and active Jewish communities around the world. The goal is to inspire students to be part of the journey and the future of our people by strengthening their Jewish identity and commitment.

Jewish Summer Fellowship​

Nestled in the New York countryside, the Jewish Summer Fellowship is a five-week summer study program that provides undergraduate and graduate college students with the opportunity to explore Judaism in a warm and invigorating environment.
At JSF, participants taste from a wellspring of wisdom, meet other students from around the world and enjoy the great outdoors.

Study Opportunities
Invest in your Jewish knowledge and your Jewish Identity. There are many option available along with Study grants. Don't let anything get in the way between you and your chance to enrich your Jewish Learning. 

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