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Sinai Scholars

Sinai Scholars Society integrates the study of classic Jewish texts, social programming, and national networking opportunities to provide a fresh and exciting context for Jewish life and learning on the university campus. Sinai Scholars invites students to engage in an open community of study and self-discovery that will help them to become passionate, informed Jewish leaders on campus and in their respective communities. Apply here: sinaischolars.com

Pizza & Parsha

Join us every wednesday afternoon from 12:30-3:00 in Pida Plaza to gain insight into the weekly Torah portion while enjoying fresh Kosher Pizza! For Insights on the weekly Torah Portion click here- http://www.chabad.org/parshah/default.asp


Thursday Cooking Club

Do you ever wonder what its like to prepare a Shabbat Meal?? Join in on the fun to make challah, desserts and lots of other Shabbat treats, every Thursday night around 6:00. 

Friday Night Live!

Turn an ordinary Friday Night into a Shabbat Experience! Join fellow students for a 5-course home-cooked dinner in a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Dinner is held every week at the Chabad House, where students enjoy a home cooked traditional Shabbat dinner, Torah thoughts, spirited discussions, and great friendship. Students have said that Shabbat dinner makes them feel like they are back at home.

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Talmud Tuesdays

Looking for some deeper insight? A little bit of Text based learning with meaningful lessons to apply to your daily life.

 A unique Club just for the ladies! Learn. Connect. Inspire. Have Fun! All that and more just with the gals of Jewnlv! Sign up on our contact page for updates and check our facebook.com/jewnlv for updates about our current classes and Dates for our Girls Night Out! 

National & Regional Shabbatons

Shabbat at Chabad is an unforgettable experience. Come spend Shabbat at Chabad – together with hundreds of other Jewish students from your school, your region, and all over the world! Join your fellow students for a uniquely memorable cultural and educational experience at Chabad’s world headquarters, including spirited Shabbat dinners, discussions, networking, Saturday night mega event, educational workshops, tours of NYC and more! NYC Shabbaton is held during Fall Semester and West Coast Shabbaton is held during Spring Semester. For more infor visit jewishweekend.org or westcoastshabbaton.com

One On One Study

Torah study is fundamental to Jewish life. Rabbi & Rivky are available to study with individual students on various topics in Torah.  If you are interested in starting a weekly study session, feel free to contact us! Tzvi- 702-635-1656 or Rivky 323- 791-0932. For ideas and topics to study, visit chabad.org.

Attached is a link for our Upcoming events for Spring Semester 2019!

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